Monday, 12 January 2009


Having taken first-born back to university yesterday, I'm feeling a bit maudling today and my plans to go and clear up part of the garden to cheer myself up have been well and truely thwarted by the onset of that incessant rain that England does so well - but which only serves to darken my mood a bit more today!

So, as a minor digression I thought I'd add a few pictures of nice winter weather! These were taken in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, about 15 minutes drive from our house, on New Year's Day.


We were on Curbar Edge - where climbers often train for Alpine or Himalayan ascents, but no-one was training that day!

It was about -5 and very misty, giving a very surreal, but beautiful sort of air to it all. It was definately a day for thermal undies!

Having faffed about with photos and enjoyed my memories of that walk, I now feel in a much better frame of mind - so, a bit more about the garden me thinks!

The top pond took some digging and ended up over a metre deep and about two+ metres wide at its widest point.


The Garden Faerie said...

Ah, you live in the part of England I most cherish. I used to read photo websites (before there were blogs) from people hiking in your area.

Karen Hall said...

Beautiful shots of the haw frost, it was quite stunning this year.
Karen - An Artist's Garden