Monday 17 June 2013


 Ooops on many counts really. Firstly that it's taken me so long to do a new post - partly down to having trouble with uploading photos to Blogger again  - thanks for that Blogger :-P. Secondly, I've been being jolly busy! And finally, I recently realised that although I've been using the tea house for almost 2 years now (Yes, TWO years!!!) I've never gotten round to doing a post about finishing it off - shame on you Lizbeth!

So, sorry people, but here - accompanied by a drum roll of your own choosing, is.........wait for it!
The Finished Tea House! Ta Daah!

Okay - the nearly finished tea house! Firstly, the electrics had to be fitted - and have a nice dimmer switch to add ambiance. Then it had to be lined with 2" thick insulation panels because I am officially a wuss in cold weather.
Then the insulation had to be covered with plywood - including all those complicated little corners - Himself does love a good challenge!

See what I mean?!

 Despite the zillions of screw that he used, Himself wasn't convinced that a couple of panels weren't about to ping off - so he braced them......

I was a tad more worried about the bracing pinging off than I was about the panels falling down!
 Then he fitted a sort of picture rail to hide all the joints.
 Built me a cupboard for all my gubbins and rammel. (necessary bits and pieces!)
 And finally, I got to paint it. It took three coats in total of a very nice soft mushroomy-greyey brown
 ...including in all those complicated little corners!Very fiddly, with lots of edges to cut in - it took me AGES!
 I had to do plenty of filling after the first coat because the plywood was very uneven in places and faults, screw heads and general unevenness show up best at this point, and as a decorator's daughter, I know full well that 'preparation is all'!
 The finished Tea House - and, yes, I know I've not posted about building the courtyard yet, but I'm on it!
 The 3 little pictures were a gift from a grateful client and are very sweet Japanese countryside scenes. the purple agate mobile was a Christmas present from my best friend - who knows me so well!
 Looking out over the veranda and pond. It is lovely when the weather is warm and sunny to be able to do treatment sessions with the doors open - when we can hear the sound of the stream running, the birds singing, the copper mobile outside gently playing and the squirrels jumping on the roof!
 Looking across the pond into the tea house.
 The Reiki Precepts that I do try to live by - although I don't always manage it!
They are:
Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honour your parents, elders and teachers,
Earn your living honestly and
Respect all living things
(although personally, I'm not sure that slugs and snails count!)