Saturday 23 March 2013

Narnia revisited!

Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago we had a really bad winter, with snow up to my thighs for a couple of weeks (ooh err)?! 
Some of you may also remember that this time last year we were in the middle of a heatwave and wearing shorts and tee shirts - oh how things change!!

Anyway, when the deep snow came 2  years ago, I went in search of Narnia and found it, but failed to find the lamp post. I was going to do a snazzy link to that blogpost, but the blogger gremlins have stolen it so you'll have to either trust your memory or me on that one! We've got snow again at the moment - not thigh deep this time (yet), but a good six inches so far and more forecast for the coming week...time for a quick chorus of "I'm dreamin' of a white Easter" anyone??

My wonderful friend Bilbo Waggins from The View From Bag End managed to find the snazzy link for me, so you can read about my first trip to Narnia here, once you've read her blog! Thanks Bilbo :-)

So, looking out of the sitting room window this morning I decided it'd be a good time to revisit Narnia to see if I could find that flippin' lamp post this time.

 Suitably layered and wellied up, I set off down the drive ....or what I think was the drive!

 I wandered on down through the trees until I spied the gate in the distance........
 stopping only to check out the splash of colour on the berries,
 I trudged on until I made it to 'The Road'. I took a well earned rest break (well, it's a long way down our drive!) and had a chat with our lovely neighbours as we gazed up Tony's drive and looked at how pretty our wall is! Our neighbours had been far more advernterous than me and had ventured as far as 'The Newsagents', brave people that they are....but then, their drive is a lot shorter and flatter than ours!

I decided to head back to warm my feet up, pausing briefly to admire our 3 sentinels - our elegant, magnificent, protected Horse Chesnuts.

Trudging slowly uphill through more trees, I thought I spied something....something black, something man-made. Could this be it? Had I found it?

The lamp post. I could go home now!

So I did!