Sunday 20 January 2013

Silent Sunday

The normal peace and tranquility of the tea house, pond and Japanese garden moves to a whole new depth in the snow.

Saturday 19 January 2013


The new Blogger editor is sending me scatty and totally up the wall and I can't work it out. It'll only let me upload one photo at a time, only the first photo shows up and ALL subsequent photos come out black even though they are perfectly good, clear photos in my pictures library. Whooops, hang on a minute - it won't let me upload ANYTHING other than a black rectangle now! :-(

Now, I got a super-duper new camera for Christmas which came with a CD for 'PHOTOfunSTUDIO' which is a pile of shite Panasonic digital photo management thing which is truely amazing in its complete and utter awfulness.....but I haven't worked out how to uninstall it yet!

So people, my question is:
Is it Blogger or is it PHOTOfunSTUDIO that is causing my misery????

OR is it something worse? Is it being caused by the presence of the 'friends' that have been accompanying me everywhere I go for the past endless months?
Ladies and gentlemen .....*drum roll* ..................... my friends!!!

Which one is responsible for my sudden inability to write a blog post?
Any help or advice - rude or otherwise, will be gratefully accepted at this point ....before I throw everything out into the snow that I wanted to show you!!!

Post Script Sunday 20th January.

With hindsight, I don't think my 'friends' are dwarves. Dwarves are happy, merry, cheery little fellows. My 'friends' are evil, stroppy, mischievous little gits who think that holding lighted bunson burners under my feet at night until my whole body is on fire is funny! They enjoy stealing my brain and replacing it with cotton wool so that I can't remember why I've gone upstairs or the name of this person that I'm talking to and have known forever. They love having me read instructions that they turn into Russian halfway through so that they become completely incomprehensible.....need I go on? These are not Dwarves and there are definitely a lot more than just seven of them. These 'friends' ladies and gentlemen are GREMLINS!!!