Monday 11 April 2011

The Brown Earth Society.

Nutty Gnome is pleased to announce that, having spent the past few weeks preparing, she is now ready to open up The Brown Earth Society to all comers! The Society welcomes applications for membership from anyone who adores the transformation of weed-covered areas like this:

or vegetables that haven't survived the winter, like this:

or grotty untidy weedy areas like this:

into a brand new vegtable bed like this:

or a cleared bed (except for the over-wintered spinach and chard) like this:

or this, with the last of the leeks and the newly sprouting globe artichokes:

or this - my brand new herb and salad bed, finally created after hours of clearing weeds, mint, wild strawberries and the world's deepest set muscari and bluebell bulbs! :

by the simple virtue of using this: Compost ...I just LOVE compost!

The Brown Earth Society is open to all people who enjoy that brief transition period every Spring and Autumn when, after distributing vast amounts of compost around the garden, manky weed-ridden soil is magically transformed into smoothly raked beds full of nothing but clear brown earth... albeit for only a few days before weeds start to grow or crops are planted!

Membership is free providing you can prove your love of beautifully composted weed-free soil. There are sod all benefits to joining other than letting me know that I'm not the only sorry soul who stands in happy admiration of a bed of evenly raked brown luciousness at any opportunity!

Applications are accepted via the comments box.
Don't delay, join today - you know it makes sense!
(and applogies for any huge gaps or weird word wraps around photos in the post - Blogger doesn't appear to want to save it properly at the moment!)