Friday, 9 January 2009

Pond digging has begun....!

This is looking southwards down the garden. I have already dug the rough outline of the pond and begun to tackle the depths! It was quite hard going as there is not much topsoil at this side of the garden, so the sandstone bedrock is only about 18" down. It's also had years of being pushed about by tree roots, bramble etc, so it crumbles into large jaggedy chunks as soon as you look at it - I got through about eleventeen pairs of gardening gloves scraping it all out! I also slept well after 'digging days'!

The circle of stones will one day become my Tai Chi training circle and the small mound of earth by the green trug will become the island - honest!

Am I not the epitome of gardening elegance?!

I am standing in the footings for one of the paths. Himself (my beloved husband, Andy) thought that traffic in my garden would be heavy, so insisted that I dig footings worthy of a motorway - or perhaps he just liked me all hot and sweaty!!!

The hosepipe is the proto-stream in that it shows where I wanted the stream route to end up - which it (more or less) has!

As the digging was such hard going - and jolly boring, I kept switching onto other, more interesting, things hence the reason it all looks 'bitty' at this point. Plus I was still the only one who really understood what I was trying to achieve!


tufan said...

Hello,very nıce blok.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Tufan,
thank you - I'm very new to blogging, so it's really nice to get some positive feedback.