Thursday, 5 February 2009

Indulge me just one more time!

I woke this morning to find that the weatherman had been right - it was snowing again, heavily. For many people more snow is a pain, but for me it's a never ending source of wonder and beauty.
I know the roads are icy, I know many people in England have never had to drive in snow before and it's difficult, I know it's a struggle to get to work, I know it can be hard to find childcare at short notice because the schools are shut ........but it doesn't stop me loving it with a passion!
It's short-lived, it will melt - so enjoy it while we've got the chance to because, lets face it, if we only get it like this once in every 18 years we haven't REALLY got anything to grumble about have we?!
Anyway, one last blog entry about snow and then I'll go back to normal, my inner 8 year old satiated for the time being!

We braved the elements this morning to walk to the shop - and bearing in mind that our town has way more hills than flat bits, we had to go down.......and back up again! The need to shop was not for any of lifes three essentials ( bread milk and toilet rolls!).No, no, much more important than that, Last-Born is in the local paper! Big spread! Photos! Write-up! The works! The Full Monty!
She's the lead in the school production of High School Musical next week - my star girl!!!

Here she is, Last-Born in her Peruvian hat and sassy wellies - just as well she's not going on stage like that!!!

The Japanese Garden under even more snow.

The large stones on the island have all but disappeared and the stream bed is just waiting for the unwary visitor to fall in it.

Berries on a large tree on the drive at the front of the house.
I have yet to identify what this is, so if anyone out there knows please feel free to let me know!

Ceefer cat has become increasingly disenchanted with the snow since his unexpected dip in the pond and has taking to glaring menacingly at it from the safety of the windowsill!

The view from the living room window - aka my 'office'.

The front of the house - it's no wonder the postman hasn't been today!

My poor Garyia.

A tree on the front island ladened with snow.

A little colour in a white world.


flydragon said...

Your snow does look gorgeous. Hopefully you'll keep yours around a little while since you waited so long for it. Hopefully I'll get rid of some of mine this coming weekend since the temps are supposed to finally get above freezing:)

Matron said...

I love your collection of snow photos! particularly your disenchanted cat staring out of the window. I have seen more snowmen than ever before! I guess everyone else has been finding their inner 8 year old! I know I have!

Laura Marie said...

Hi mutti....first born here :) ...

You are truley fabby, my mutti...

And im so happy, that i get to make you proud.


Gem said...

Hi Nutty Gnome - I love your name!! I have just read all about your Japanese garden, great stuff. I want to see finished photos without all the snow. That snow really looks like fun and I'm really jealous because we are sweltering here - it is soooo hot. Your Laura Marie is a doll and I'm certain she is on her way to being a star. I'm glad you guys found me!

Nutty Gnome said...

Flydragon, hi - I hope for you that your snow goes and I hope for me that my snow stays - then we'll both be happy! Enjoy your thaw!

Matron - hello and welcome. Glad you found your inner 8 year old, we should all let 'em out to play far more often! The largest group of people admitted to A&E this week has been middle-aged men in sledging accidents. I guess their inner 8 years olds had very poor balance!!!

Laura - did you and Ruth have a birth place swap when I wasn't looking!!!
You are truely fabby and marv too my love - and you and the original First-Born both bring me great joy (as you well know!).
Love you daughti! xx <3
(<3 signifies a heart, apparently, for those who didn't know - like me last week!)

Gem - hello. Don't worry, I've indulged my love affair with snow for long enough and am going back to the continuing saga of building the garden with my next post. I'm really pleased that you like the garden. It has certainly been a labour of love - or madness, not sure which some days!
I'm sure Laura will be a star - she is certainly talented enough and has the charima, stage presence and tenacity to achieve it!

Nutty Gnome said...

oops, that should read charisma!

Greentwinsmummy said...

Hullo there,your garden looks gorgeous in the snow I cant wait to see it unveiled so to speak!
Well done to your dd!I bey you pop with glee when you see her on stage :o)
GTM x x x

Nutty Gnome said...

Hello and welcome Greentwinsmummy -I love your blog, so it's great to see you popping up on mine!
I can't wait to see the show - we're going on Thursday. I am just SO proud of her I could shout it from the hilltops. She didn't get her musical abilities from me though - it definately skipped a generation there!:)

spookydragonfly said...

I love seeing berries covered in snow. Please pass my Congratulations to your daughter and wish her luck for me!

Nutty Gnome said...

Thank you Spookydragonfly - I certainly will .... she says "aah, cool! Thanks"!!!

this is my patch said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I like your name, I wish I had thought of it! The witch hazel looks great under snow, can it withstand the weather? I love your cat, I would have one given half the chance. No fun for me in the snow, I had to work, and it was dark by the time I returned home! x said...

You have some beautiful views! Love the cat pic.

Carolynn said...

Thanks for swinging by my place to have a visit! I'm glad to hear someone is enjoying the snow. If you're looking for me, I'll be inside with Ceefer.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi My Patch and welcome.I think the witch hazel will be okay (she said hopefully!) as it's quite a big, old tree so must have seen worse. It still has a wonderful scent, so I'm taking that as a good sign.
Gnome names run in our family! My mum was a very keen gardener and was the original mad gnome. My daughters said I had to carry it on as they already called me nutty anyway!
I had no choice with my snow days - honest! I work as a peripatetc Tai Chi instructor in schools and they were all shut so I really did have nowhere to go!
Kathalog, nice to meet you. I liked your site and have sent your link to First-Born as she will love the stuff you do.Thanks for your comments.

Carolyn - I hope your horse bite is better, it looked quite nasty!
I do love the snow, but did retreat back inside with Ceefer after one snowball too many down my back earlier! Feel free to come sit with us whenever you'd like to!

HappyMouffetard said...

I love your witch hazel in the snow. We've not had much snow here, which is both good, from a getting on with life point of view, and bad, because I love playing in snow.

camellia said...

You are so right – a decent layer of snow makes some artistery in the garden. Here on the south coast there was a thin layer – allegedly, myself had'escaped' to Sweden (where it was less – the world is up-side-down). I particularily like frost on plants (just have to get up earlier in the mornings before it starts melting...). have a great day!

Gem said...

Hi Nutty, Thanks for the concerned comments on my blog. We are okay. Although, devastingly, many aren't. The bushfire has passed us, but we remain on alert. I have put up a post about our experience. Thanks again.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi HappyMouffetard, sorry about your lack of snow to play in, but I'm glad you liked the photos. The witch hazel smells divine this year - it must like adverse weather!

Camellia - hello and welcome! How odd that Sweden had less snow than us, but was a lovely place to visit - lucky you.
I too love frosty mornings, but have difficulty in dragging myself out of bed in winter, so don't often get to see them. Must stop being so lazy!

Hi Gem - immense relief all round that you and yours are fine. It was a close call for you though by the looks of your blog.I feel for the people who lost their lives or homes, but am grateful you escaped.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I also love snow, have no problem driving in it, etc. etc. Ours has finally melted (more or less) but winter is by no means over! We've had steady snow cover since before Xmas, which is unusual.

Griffin said...

O Nutty one, that Ceefer is a beautiful cat. He is probably highly suspicious of snow cos it makes your paws cold and wet.

A lovely garden, ahem, especially with the snow! Like you, I love the snow - it made everything beautiful and glorious. ...unlike the miserable rain that followed it - drat it!

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Monica , yes our snow is sadly melting at the moment but I hold out hopes for some more before winter is done - but not for the next two days as it's Last-Born's show and I don't want it to be cancelled! (note proud mum sneaking in there!)

Griffin - hello and welcome! Nice to see you on my blog instead of via First-Born's - but thank you for your wonderful, supportive comments to her.
Yes, Ceefer is a gorgeous cat, but his puppy tendencies of following me wherever I go did cause his altercations with the snow and the pond-dipping!
I do feel a bit flat now that the snow is melting - I love that shrouded beauty (and playing in it!)

Kylee said...

I'm so jealous of your blooming witch hazel! I don't think we'll be blessed with blooms on ours this year. It's its first winter in our garden.

Congrats on your daughter's lead part! I read the news article on it, too. Bravo!

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Kylee and welcome - I really enjoy your blog, so it's great to see you popping up on mine!
Yes, the witch hazel is glorious this year - it's still blooming away merrily even now and has a fantastic scent that drifts all the way up to the house.
Ours is a quite old, mature tree who has really got the hang of blooming - but yours will get there in a year or two and will just get better and better.
Thanks for your comments about Last-Born. She was great!

Kylee said...

I should be in bed, but I'm not sleepy. What can I say?

I went out today and took another look at the witch hazel and I *think* maybe what I assumed were leaf buds are actually flower buds. They look a bit different than they did the last time I checked. I will do a short post with photos and I'm sure those of you who have witch hazels will let me know if they are or not!

Nutty Gnome said...

It's 10.00am on Thursday morning here and it would be quite nice to still be in bed!

Thery probably are flower buds - I've just been out to look at my witch hazel and it has very few leaves on it, but is smothered in flowers. I'll look forward to your post - as always!