Saturday, 19 January 2013


The new Blogger editor is sending me scatty and totally up the wall and I can't work it out. It'll only let me upload one photo at a time, only the first photo shows up and ALL subsequent photos come out black even though they are perfectly good, clear photos in my pictures library. Whooops, hang on a minute - it won't let me upload ANYTHING other than a black rectangle now! :-(

Now, I got a super-duper new camera for Christmas which came with a CD for 'PHOTOfunSTUDIO' which is a pile of shite Panasonic digital photo management thing which is truely amazing in its complete and utter awfulness.....but I haven't worked out how to uninstall it yet!

So people, my question is:
Is it Blogger or is it PHOTOfunSTUDIO that is causing my misery????

OR is it something worse? Is it being caused by the presence of the 'friends' that have been accompanying me everywhere I go for the past endless months?
Ladies and gentlemen .....*drum roll* ..................... my friends!!!

Which one is responsible for my sudden inability to write a blog post?
Any help or advice - rude or otherwise, will be gratefully accepted at this point ....before I throw everything out into the snow that I wanted to show you!!!

Post Script Sunday 20th January.

With hindsight, I don't think my 'friends' are dwarves. Dwarves are happy, merry, cheery little fellows. My 'friends' are evil, stroppy, mischievous little gits who think that holding lighted bunson burners under my feet at night until my whole body is on fire is funny! They enjoy stealing my brain and replacing it with cotton wool so that I can't remember why I've gone upstairs or the name of this person that I'm talking to and have known forever. They love having me read instructions that they turn into Russian halfway through so that they become completely incomprehensible.....need I go on? These are not Dwarves and there are definitely a lot more than just seven of them. These 'friends' ladies and gentlemen are GREMLINS!!!


Nutty Gnome said...

Managed to uninstall the dreaded PHOTOfunSTUDIO!!!

Sue Garrett said...

Try using a different browser - it may help/

Pondside said...

Sooooo sorry to read about the blogger troubles and about the friends - although I think that when they finished at my place they must have hopped a flight to yours. Sorry to tell you that they are on their own timeline and won't leave until they're good and ready.
I use Google Chrome for a browser and am not having any issues (knock on wood). I have read lots on blogland about people unable to upload photos until switching to google chrome. I don't know if it will work for you....good luck!

BilboWaggins said...

The Panasonic PhotoStudio is matched in its awfullness only by the Canon offering ...

As Sue said, try a different browser, try shutting everything down, close your PC, start again ...
I've found that on my laptop (running Windows 7) I cannot use Firefox to browse blogs but on the desktop (Mac) Firefox behaves perfectly. No, I have no idea why ...

And make sure you're not accidentally in 'HTML' mode in the compose window. Top left of box in which yopu type your post are two rectangles - one says Compose, the othe says HTML, you can toggle between them.

Liz said...

Hi Liz,

Can't really say without knowing more about what you're already using... Also, I know I'll just complicate things far more for you rather than making it easier.

However, other suggestions of trying different browsers is a good idea. Especially as internet explorer (windows) is notorious for being rubbish and causing problems with websites and blog layouts. (I still use it, as I don't like firefox, chrome or safari, but honestly IE is known for being rubbish).

As Blogger is Google, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if you're best off downloading google chrome as your internet browser instead.
It's more likely that it's blogger or the browser causing the problems rather than the happyfunphotostudio - who even names their product like that? Almost as ridiculous as Honda having a Honda Happiness package........ Anyway...

Alternatively try moving over to wordpress? The templates are much better and it doesn't suffer a fraction of the problems that blogger does. But I appreciate this is an annoyance and will take time to set up.

BilboWaggins said...

I agree with Liz about Internet Explorer, BUT .... on a Windows 7 laptop running Firefox I cannot leave blog comments, not even on my own blog regardless of how many times I sign in, sign out, clear cookies, emppty cache, start again, eat chocolate.

BUT, using IE8 everything in Blogger-World works fine and dandy, which irritates the c**p out of me because I've advocated loudly for years that IE is rubbish - until it works :{

Can't speak for Chrome; Google already know far too much about my internet habits, don't see why they should dominate all of my browsing.

Nutty Gnome said...

Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I'm already on Google Chrome and Windows 7 Professional, so I've gone for the 'have you switched it off and on again' route first and will try uploading photos again into a new post shortly ...yeah, two in two days!!!! :-)

mc55 said...

Liz, I use Firefox for my blog and it's been horrendous for the last 6 months. I export my photos from lightroom (as they start in RAW, then they get changed to JPG) and then upload them - but the sizing makes absolutely no freakin difference, everything is centred and I have random lines / boxes. I almost closed DuckDinnerDash that's how frustrated I was !!!!! now I upload the dratted things and then arse about for hours until it looks like someone reasonably incompetent put it together, save it and publish ... I've written to them and been on the 'help' forums, which were also crap. So, sorry, end of that I have no useful info for you, but at least you know someone else is sharing your pain and it's not just you !

Nutty Gnome said...

Hahaha, thanks Michelle- I feel so much better now!!! :-)
Think I'll avoid firefox! i've had mixed reports about wordpress too, so maybe i just need to hang on in there until whatever this glitch is has sorted itself out!