Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The start of the REAL stream building!

Digging out the stream was done in stages - it was hard work and always seemed to involve me needing to go where piles of rocks happened to already be, thus necessitating yet another round of rock shifting! By the time I'd finished the stream I'd finally gotten quite good at moving the rocks to somewhere completely out of the way - although heaven only knows why I couldn't have worked that out earlier!

Digging out the top part of the stream: The route and the shape of the stream opening from the waterfall went through various manifestations before I was satisfied that I'd got it looking 'right'. I'd originally planned to have a promenentary at one side of the waterfall for a granite lantern to stand on, but this would have caused me to have a sharp bend in the stream and when I marked it out with my trusty hosepipe length I wasn't happy with it, so reverted to a more linear exit from the pond and a smoother curve on the stream - but I will find somewhere to put a lantern near the water before I'm finished!

Below is the stream completely dug out, with the bottom bridge roughly in the right place and the bottom pond hole with its temporary liner - bearing in mind that this is last summer (2008) and the bottom pond STILL looks like this ...........temporary takes on a whole new meaning with this project!

We then laid down the fleece underliner and the butyl top liner down the length of the streambed, making sure that any overlaps overlapped on the downhill side before we glued it! We used a special waterproof glue that still works even when the butyl is damp or even under water - essential in case of leaks, not that there would be any given Himself's meticulous work.

My original idea for the stream had the water cascading at speed down to the bottom pond, but when we tested out the waterfall before I'd fully finished off all the digging and levelling I found that I actually quite liked the accidental look we had achieved of a shallow pool between the pond and the top bridge - and decided to keep it like that!
The accidental pool from below!

To be continued...... well we didn't do the stream in just one day!


Anonymous said...

Its fun watching one create their personal version of comfort and paradise. It can take on so many forms. It will feel really good to watch it all flow gently down the stream.

So will the entire pond and stream have night lights to accent its beauty through the evening hours?

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I seem to do a fair bit of paper shifting to find what I need, I can imagine rock shifting is much more arduous!!

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Nutty Gnome.

I really can't wait to see it finished.

In all seriousness do you think it'll be complete this year?

I take my hat off to you and himself.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

So this is what you've been doing! It's looking great. I think I need some of that glue. Can't wait to see it finished.

Camellia said...

You stream-bending you, it's awsome the watch you ordering nature about!

Nutty Gnome said...

Bernie - there will be lights around the garden. I'm planning on 4 or 5 granite lanterns at various key points by paths and the pond - I can't wait to get to that stage!

Monica - there have been days when I'd rather have been shifting paper than rocks for sure!

Rob - thanks for your comments. I'm certainly hoping to have it completed this year as I can't expand my Holistic Therapies practice until I've got a tea house to work in! Himself has bought the new saw etc and is in the process of ordering the wood, so it should happen - aah, ever the optimist eh!

Catherine - glad you like it. Hang on in there - it will be done soon (I hope!)

Camellia - there are those who would suggest that I am bossy, so I guess ordering nature about fits into that too!!!:)

spookydragonfly said...

Oh, your excitement must be building! So much hard work...I sure hope it's finished in time for you and everyone who helped, to truly enjoy this year! It will be worth the wait, I know that I truly enjoy our waterfalls and pond.

Shady Gardener said...

You are amazing! I get tired just watching... but I'm glad you're documenting, because it really is fun to watch. You will have a Wonderful object d'art when you finish! :-)

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Spooky - sorry to hear about your cat, hope you're okay.If this incessant rain ever stops we've got a good chance of getting it all finished this year - then I can sit on my veranda overloking the pond and contemplate what I'm going to take on next!!!

Hi Shady - not sure about 'amazing', probably more 'barmy'! It's being a fun project to do(most of the time!)and it will be wonderful when it's done - I may even get my posts into 'real time' too!

Gem said...

This is looking gorgeous! It is fascinating watching it all come together.

Nutty Gnome said...

Thanks Gem - I am feeling pretty pleased with how it's all coming together now. I'm just hpoing for good weather this weekend so that I can get some more plants in!

Pondside said...

What a lot of work! I'm glad you stopped by my blog - I'd hate to have missed this. We have a lot of water over here. Some of it is seasonal - streams and bog - but we have two large forest ponds that give us some insurance in case of forest fire, and hours of peaceful contemplation....Adirondack chair+drink+sunshine+pond=bliss.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Pondside, nice to see you - I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for popping in. I like the idea of hours of peaceful contemplation ......I've heard about this before somewhere!

One day (hopefully thsi summer!) the japanese garden will be finished and I too can sit in the sunshine with a drink, by my pond .....and work out what my next project will be!!!

joey said...

Why do I always feel like rubbing 'BenGay' ointment on after visiting! Love this project but my vivid imagination works beside you :) Can't wait for you to be finished so I can get a good night's sleep :)

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Joey - it's great knowing your imagination is with me, but can I have you as well to lug a few rocks about!!!

A few hours of that and you'll sleep well, believe me! :)

Carolynn said...

Happy Birthday! (Belatedly)

If you'll e-mail me, there's something I'd like to talk to you about. lotussflower@gmail.com

Nice job on the stream, btw.